Why insects?

Comparing with beef, insects have more protein, omegas, fiber and less sugar and salt.

Also they are Lactose free, Non GMO and they have lower pandemic risk.

Insects are more efficient, they consume less feed, water, land, time and they pollute less.

They can grow all year round, anywhere and their production is highly scalable and predictable.

They promote circular economy, using waste from food industry, reducing carbon print, decreasing toxicity and improving soil.

The entomophagy is the act of eating insects.

Want to know more about the benefits?

There are numerous environmental and nutritional advantages to including insects in your diet, here are a few:

Because it helps fight climate change – Simply replacing a part of our usual meat or fish consumption with insects will reduce our ecological footprint. Insects use less resources than other animal protein sources.

Because they are rich in Protein – Insects contain a very high protein value, easy to digest and still contain practically all the essential amino acids and a huge variety of macro and micronutrients.
Because they are healthy – Insects are a very rich and balanced food with prebiotic, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory properties.
They are nutritionally dense and their consumption reduces obesity and can help fight diabetes and other diseases that affect our health.

Because they are tasty and versatile – Their flavor takes on several nuances, from roasted grains, nuts and even French fries, it all depends on who tastes it. Whole or ground, they are an excellent ingredient with a light flavor and aroma, which allows their incorporation into any food or consumed whole.